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In the modern time, everyone is busy in their life. No one has to time to care his loved one. It may be of his or her parents, grandparents etc. The main purpose of establishment of Non Emergency Medical Transportation is safe, secure transportation of old age and client who cannot move.

NEMT: Non-Emergency Medical Transportation define as a transportation services (like stretcher transportation, Ambulatory Transportation, wheelchair Transportation, Air Ambulatory medical transportation etc.) that provide to persons who are not in the emergency situation but need an assistant for going one place to another in the non emergency situation.

There are many non emergency medical transportation companies in the US. DD Med Trans, Inc. is one of them that offer safe and secure, personalized services and 24/7 services at every time, at everywhere with a single call a Toll-Free number (866)-220-3834.

Services provided by DD Med Trans are:

  • Non Emergency Medical Transportation
  • Medical Translation & Transcription
  • Assisted Living in Phoenix, Tucson, and Scottsdale

Non-emergency Medical Transportation broker help to provide a standard vehicle as well as the specialized vehicle as per the client’s need and requirement in Arizona. A vehicle for a person who is not able to walk, sit or stand without the help of anyone, Non-emergency medical Transportation broker provides a wheelchair, stretcher, air ambulatory, transportation for smooth, safe and secure travel with the qualified team.

Situations for using Non- Emergency Medical Transportation:

  • Appointment with doctors
  • To meet with family
  • Attend any meeting
  • Elderly person with no means of comfortable transportation

Overall, Non Emergency Medical Transportation broker provides services in Arizona US. Many persons are taking benefits of caring for their loved one by the single call at –866-220-3834 (Toll-Free).