How do we work?

Our Medical Transportation and Translation Experts are certified and groomed for the job. For any medical services, it is significant that the medical provider and the patient must be in the same synchronization. Lack of understanding of the language can create confusion and chaos. It may lead to a wrong interpretation of the patient’s symptoms or doctors’ advice. A professional translator bridges the gap and ensures the appropriate treatment of the patient.

A doctor is always your best friend. Often, due to the language barrier, the patients find it hard to share the detailed medical history, past medication and illness and other complications. Even the doctor has the hardest time understanding the case of the patients deeply. A Medical Transportation and Translation Expert help medical providers to build a better understanding of the patient’s medical history, cultural backgrounds and other things that may influence essential medical care decisions.

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Medical Transportation and Translation Services

Now, you do not need to cogitate twice before medical consultation if you are not comfortable communicating in English. DD Med Trans is a non-emergency Medical Transportation and Translation Services provider that assures your visit to your doctor hassles free.

In the USA, almost 24 million Americans (refugees and other nationalists who live in America) do not able to communicate effectively with their health care provider due to lack of English fluency. At a time of medical emergency, this is a big hassle for both the patient and the doctor. We, at DD Med Trans, offer Transport & Translation services for all such people.


Contacting DD Med Trans for the Medical Transportation and Translation Services is easy. You can either dial the DD Med Trans’ toll free number (866) 220-3834 or can reach us by selecting your required options from above and filling up the form further with your personal information like name, contact details, pick up address, appointment location, type of vehicle needed, the number of passengers, doctor name, appointment time and duration, translator needed in a specific language, and if an accommodation is required. Our Medical Transportation and Translation Experts will guide you throughout the journey to the medical help center as well as within the hospital.

We are easy to reach with a single phone call, hardworking, humble and user-friendly non-emergency Medical transportation and Translation service provider. We are ready to help in any situation and any condition of the patient by transporting him/her to the medical care for help.

Let us know about your need of transport and translation services and we are just a few minutes away to help.

To get a quote from us or request our non-emergency medical transportation and translation services, please call our toll-free number at 866-220-3834 now!