About the DDMT Subsidized Transportation Fund

Over the course of its 6-year history, DD MedTrans has been a leader in providing Non-Emergency Medical Transportation services to a wide array of clients.  We specialize in hard to fill requests that often require going the extra mile to ensure both the patient and the customer get the best service at the lowest cost.

In recent years, we have seen an increase in ride requests that involve under/non-insured patients who have no other options for getting to their rehab or medical appointments.  Often, these requests pass through multiple hands before they are finally acted on, resulting in delays for badly needed services.  In the cases of veterans, whether wounded or otherwise in need of transportation support, we feel that missing or delaying a much-needed appointment due to the lack of funds or resources is unacceptable.

To address this need, we have established the DDMT Subsidized Transportation Fund with its own, segregated bank account to facilitate the medical transportation of disadvantaged clients, regardless of their ability to pay.  We have partnered with several organizations to raise, administer and deploy these funds as a community service.

On the fulfillment side, we work with our network of over 50,000 providers to identify ways to reduce costs to allow the money raised for this purpose to go as far as possible.

Looking for financial help?

Please note that DD MedTrans, Inc. is a for-profit corporation, and not a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.  Therefore, any contributions or donations you make are not tax-deductible. Your support allows us to provide medical transportation to those in need but without the means to pay, and ultimately provides a significant and meaningful benefit to those in need, whom we would otherwise be unable to serve. DD MedTrans appreciates your support for this worthy cause and welcomes any ideas and feedback to help us better serve the community.