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Phoenix, Arizona is a popular retirement destination with plentiful golf courses, desert scenery, and country clubs. As retired or working seniors age, they require a little extra help. Depending on their needs, they might require some assistance with the groceries, cleaning, or they might need to move into more accessible and safe accommodations. The Phoenix metropolitan area has a wide area and ample population, with a great selection of choices. Yet every situation is unique, and even the most highly reviewed facility might not meet your specific needs.

Phoenix assisted living facilities typically offer a spectrum of services in order to cater to the many needs of their community and residents. Some offer near independence, designed to ease the transition into golden years. Similar to nursing homes, many often offer medical services, but have daily or weekly nurse visits, and are not designed for 24/7 care of each patient. Some assisted living facilities will also offer dementia or Alzheimer’s care, with separate wards for these residents. Depending on your or your loved one’s current or anticipated needs, it’s important to consider the full portfolio of services that your choice of residence offers.

DD Medical Transportation offers services that help those interested in assisted living learn more about it, and offer placement in many assisted living facilities in Phoenix, AZ. We work directly with many local assisted living facilities, so we have an intimate knowledge of what they offer, and can even help negotiate pricing in some cases. All of our clients even receive a rebate once they’ve concluded their placement with us. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you or your loved one find the perfect personal fit.

Types of Medical Care Facilities in Phoenix, Arizona

As discussed above, there are many different medical care facilities to choose from, and each offers an array of services. Generally speaking, medical care facilities can be separated into several different broad categories. Assisted living facilities are designed for people with disabilities or those who cannot live independently for any number of reasons. Nursing homes generally offer full-time care for residents, and is an ideal solution for those who do not need to be hospitalized but require more care than is available at home or those who need more help than is available at an assisted living facility. Nursing homes are generally designed for rehabilitative care, as most long term living facilities are classified as assisted living, with a variety of services designed to make residents feel at home. Memory care facilities offer dementia and Alzheimer’s care and may specialize in one or the other. Memory care facilities can be standalone facilities only accepting patients in need of memory care, or they may be specialized sections of assisted living or nursing homes which allows their residents to mingle.

There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding on medical care facilities. Since assisted living, nursing, and memory care facilities offer services that overlap in some ways, it can be difficult to make your decision based on current needs, while also considering needs that you may have in the future. Your search will not only take into consideration the services offered, but also the location of the facility and affordability. DD MedTrans is here to field any questions you may have, but it can be a great idea to first have a look at what assisted living facilities in Phoenix can offer. We have selected a few examples for you to peruse and compare below.

MorningStar at Arcadia

With over 50 locations, MorningStar Senior Living has a long and proven track record of success with assisted living facilities in Phoenix, AZ. Located in Camelback East Village, the Arcadia location has everything that you might expect from a senior living facility, from a private dining room for guests, to a theatre for watching movies and playing games, to a fitness room and spa. They also have some unique features that liven up their living areas, such as a tropical aquarium. MorningStar goes above and beyond to offer classes and services designed to foster wellness and curiosity for learning. Residents are encouraged to learn to use computers through touchscreens that offer many different online activities. MorningStar at Arcadia also has a memory care section of their facility, with outdoor patios that allows their residents and visitors to catch some fresh air. Contact us if you’d like to schedule a free tour to help you save time and money!


Brookdale Desert Ridge

Brookdale Desert Ridge is located in northern Paradise Valley, an ideal location near country clubs and golfing courses. Brookdale offers a range of floor plans that fit your budget and space requirements. They have landscaped grounds, with walking paths so their residents can get outside and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Focusing on safety, Brookdale also has daily check ins for residents, and emergency response in residents’ rooms. Along with their assisted living services, Brookdale Desert Ridge also offers memory care services, specializing specifically in dementia and Alzheimer’s. They like to think of themselves more than an assisted living and memory care facility–they think of themselves as a family. If you’d like consult with us on this community to see if it’s right for your, contact us today.

Fellowship Square

Attractive because of its proximity to downtown Mesa and the nearby shopping and entertainment destinations, Fellowship Square is a non profit Christian community. Fellowship Square offers three distinct lifestyles for residents – assisted living, memory care, and independent living. As a result, Fellowship Square is a great community for those residents that anticipate having greater needs in the future. Moving between rooms is much simpler than moving between facilities, after all, and remaining part of the same community is a great benefit for residents’ social lives.

Fellowship offers a variety of community activities, with new opportunities on every monthly calendar. Community members are encouraged to stay active through yoga and tai chi classes, and they are encouraged to continue lifelong learning through crafts classes such as pottery and choir practice. Whether you’re looking for assisted living, memory care, or independent living apartments, contact us to ensure it will truly feel like home.

Friendship Village Tempe

Friendship Village is an acclaimed independent living and assisted living facility that offers a wide range of bedroom plans. Friendship Village offers a unique contract payment plan guaranteeing access to nursing care and memory care, designed to seamlessly guide residents as they age out of their independent living arrangements. Their amenities include multiple art studios, a fitness center, an auditorium, multiple libraries, and scheduled transportation services. Friendship Village includes housekeeping services are provided as part of the base payment plan, so their residents can focus on enjoying their golden years. Whatever your or your loved one’s needs may be, contact us to ensure it’s the right fit, and to save time and money in your search process.

Nursing Homes in Phoenix, Arizona


Phoenix Mountain Nursing Center

Phoenix Mountain Post-Acute focuses on cutting edge care, and employs professionals in a variety of specialty areas of health care, such as treating swallowing dysfunction and neurological conditions. Through customized rehab programs, Phoenix Mountain prepares patients to not just return home, but to deal with any issues that may arise once they get there. Phoenix Mountain also connects patients with specific care providers who learn their needs and develop relationships that lead into personalized care plans.

Whatever your or your loved one’s nursing home needs may be, we can help you ensure Phoenix Mountain Nursing Center is the right choice. Contact us to schedule a tour to help you save time and money during your nursing home search.

The Terraces of Phoenix

The Terraces of Phoenix is a short term rehabilitation facility that offers therapeutic care for those with physical and speech needs, with staff working 24/7 on outcome-oriented health plans. The staff is also focused on engaging with patients and teaching them what they need to start living at home again. Their community is specifically designed with their resident’s freedom at the forefront, and aims to encourage their independence. Located conveniently near downtown Phoenix and Scottsdale, residents also enjoy local entertainment and dining options. Their amenities on-site include a restaurant-style dining room, fitness center, spa, library, and three full-service salons. Contact us if you’d like to tour this facility to ensure it feels like home to you or your loved one.

Memory Care Facilities in Phoenix, Arizona

Parkland Memory Care

Parkland Memory Care is located in Chandler, AZ and is designed for patients with mental impairments. Residents are welcome for either short-term or long-term stays, and there are both private and shared residences. Many people choose Parkland Memory Care for this flexibility in the length of their stay and living preferences. Around the clock, on-site medical service includes a kitchen for therapy, hospice care, and bed transferal. Their amenities include a private room for visitors, and activities that encourage residents to express their individuality. Parkland’s dining services are also top-notch—residents can choose from two entrées each meal that are largely prepared from scratch. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about Parkland Memory Care, take a tour of their community, and ensure it’s the right fit for you or your loved one.

Avenir Memory Care

Avenir Memory Care in north Scottsdale emphasizes the importance of building community. Avenir does this by pairing residents with similar cognitive ability, so they can thrive and build friendships. They also have communities built around those in assisted living to foster relationships no matter what your or your loved one’s needs may be. Besides learning individual care plans, the 24/7 nursing staff is encouraged to get to know the people they care for on a personal basis. Avenir has a full selection of activities for residents to get involved in, including off-site events that are scheduled weekly. They also offer respite care for temporary stays, and provide scheduled visits of outside services such as mobile labs and primary or specialized care. If Avenir Memory Care sounds like it could be your new home, contact us today and we’ll help you ensure it’s the right fit.


Phoenix AZ Assisted Living Facilities

Whatever your needs are, DD Medical Transportation is here to field all your questions and connect you with a full list of options that meet all your requirements. After you have a good look around at everything that Phoenix, AZ can offer, we encourage you to visit assisted living facilities that you’re interested in, and come prepared with questions. If you’re still in the exploratory phase and don’t know what questions to ask, we can help with that too! We work directly with many different Phoenix, AZ assisted living facilities, so by consulting with you we can get a better idea of your needs and place you where you need to be.

If you are a caregiver that needs a temporary reprieve in the form of respite care, we are also able to help with placement in quality nursing homes and memory care facilities for temporary stays.

Contact us below or call us at 888-220-3834 to reserve a time to talk through your options with us, and schedule a walk-through at your facility of choice.

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