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When it comes to the care of you or your loved ones, we all prefer no expense to be spared. But most of us are on a budget of some sort, and it can be difficult narrowing down the place that’s just right. There are a number of different options to choose from when it comes to assisted living—that’s why we started our assisted living services to make it easier than ever to find the right fit for everyone. It’s our priority to ensure that all of our clients are placed in an assisted living community that feels like home.

The world of assisted living has evolved dramatically from the old days of dull nursing homes. Seniors are more active than ever, and these communities have developed to match their needs. Today you can find everything from skilled nursing to assisted living to retirement communities. We’re here to help you find your new home.

Types of Assisted Living Communities

There are more choices than ever before when it comes to assisted living communities. Whether you need some support in your day to day life, or want a community of like-minded people, there’s something out there for everyone. The most common assisted living communities are private assisted living homes, independent living apartments, and skilled nursing homes.


Private Assisted Living Homes

These homes are are privately owned and are not associated with any hospital or medical organization. Private assisted living homes are a great option for seniors who might not be able to live at home safely, but don’t need the medical attention level of a skilled nursing home. These communities have fairly independent residents and can get around on their own.

Independent Living Apartments

Similar to the assisted living homes, but more self-sufficient, this kind of community is focused on the social and community aspect of senior living. These residents typically don’t need as much personal or medical care, but seek out others their age who share similar interests. Independent living apartments typically organize community events for their residents.

Skilled Nursing Homes

Seniors who need more medical attention usually choose this kind of home. These homes offer around the clock care for those who can no longer live independently. The medical professionals in these homes can include registered nurses (RNs), and physical, speech, and occupational therapists, all of which offer a range of specialized care depending on the resident.

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Our Assisted Living Services

While the information provided here is a great start to help you begin figuring out what home is right for you or your loved one, it doesn’t beat visiting an assisted living community in person. Our medical transportation services are here to help you narrow down what homes might be a good fit, which includes taking you there to tour them in person.

We want to ensure our clients are informed about their options so they can make an educated decision about their long-term care. Contact DD Med Trans for your assisted living services and start finding the right home today.